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BSM Group works with candidates all the way from those who are highly active in the current permanent or interim job markets to broader company contacts who are currently totally inactive in the job market but are seeking to build a long-term relationship with someone they trust.

Following an initial phone conversation to establish your best first point of contact in BSM Group either we will come to you for a more in-depth face-to-face meeting, or you can come to our central London or Manhattan offices if you wish to be more discreet. Topics covered at this early stage will include:

  • Career to date
  • Career aspirations
  • Compensation advice/benchmarking
  • Current market status in your chosen field

Please call the most relevant team to speak further.


Using the information gained at the initial consultation the team will review their current portfolios of work, as well as considering the near/mid-term hiring plans of our clients, and share the relevant role specs and accompanying information with you.

We will help you come to a decision on which avenues you would like to explore further, agree a plan of action, and begin reaching out to our clients on your behalf.

Thereafter, we will continue to bear your agreed search criteria in mind, and pro-actively contact you regarding other work we believe may be suitable.

Some candidates also like to maintain a more direct search themselves: our Job Search page allows you to search all current vacancies, upload your CV, or request an initial consultation.


Every interview with a potential future employer is another opportunity for you to discover more about the role, company and people. It is also an opportunity for you to sell your technical suitability for the role, to show that your drive and ambition aligns with the longer term outlook of the opportunity on offer, and to demonstrate as strongly as you can your financial market worth.

Your consultant will guide you through the increasingly tough interview processes required to gain the role you are seeking. This guidance includes:

  • Comprehensive briefing on team/company structure, interviewer professional background and likely question topics.
  • Specific interview practice as required, eg Competency interviewing.
  • Full and frank feedback at all stages of the interview process to ensure you are giving the best possible account of yourself to the interviewer.

We have deep and longstanding market relationships and remain in close contact with our focused pool of candidates.

Many of our candidates have become our clients when they successfully move role with us and we will remain a source of information and assistance for you throughout your career.

BSM Group was founded on the principles of long-term growth as supported by first-class candidate and client service – helping you find the right role is just part of our relationship with you as a company, not the sole aim.



All interaction with BSM Group is on a totally confidential basis and your details will never be discussed with a client or any external party without your express permission.


We welcome the chance to assist all professionals with a wide set of backgrounds and career aspirations. As is the case with all of our clients, BSM Group is committed to candidate diversity, equality and inclusion.