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11th January 2018
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Treasury- Liquidity Management Opportunities- Director

Our tier one global banking client has committed to becoming a market leader in the gender diversity of its workforce, across the whole firm, and has engaged BSM Group on increasing gender diversity at the mid-senior level in its Group Treasury as a flagship part of that. Our client knows that acting now at the mid-senior level will have an immediate and positive effect, and will also directly lead to the future redressing of the C-suite gender imbalance that has been repeatedly shown to exist at the top of a majority of large firms

More information about the types of opportunities for women with our client are summarised at the base of this document. There is also information at this link:

Immediately below we consider why our client is so committed, and how they intend to achieve increased gender diversity.


Our client’s Group Treasury is a genuinely global function with responsibility across all business lines and all geographies from its London headquarters. The Treasury of any firm continues to be of increasing importance in ensuring the responsible and sustainable management of growth.

There are current and upcoming opportunities at the AVP/ VP/ Director level across Liquidity Management.

As part of their firm-wide commitment to increasing Gender Diversity, our client welcomes the chance to make first contact with women from a broad spectrum of technical Treasury backgrounds in order to explain the opportunities available for them in Group Treasury and also to speak in more detail about the market-leading actions they are taking to attract and retain a Gender Diverse workforce.

For more detail on this, and the chance to apply and find out more, please follow this link:


Good Business Sense

Beyond the instinctive feeling that a household-name global company which has clear gender diversity will perform better than its peers, will perform better on behalf of its shareholders, and will do all of this to the benefit of its employees, studies have repeatedly shown that this instinct is correct.

A recent assessment by McKinsey looking at gender diversity in a large set of companies globally found that those which had a top-quartile ranking in terms of gender diversity were 15% more likely to financially outperform the median for their national industries. At the other end of the scale, those companies with a bottom-quartile ranking in terms of gender diversity were statistically more likely to underperform the median for their national industries.

Being gender diverse better reflects your customer base, clients, and the wider society – this then correlates to an increased likelihood of financial success for all of those involved: employees, shareholders and clients.

Social Responsibility

More so than at any point in recent history, the banking industry understands and appreciates the need to be accountable for the impact of its actions and presence on the global community as well as the global markets. An increase in the sense of social responsibility across any firm, and the codification of that sense into highly visible and accessible firm-wide policies and culture is an essential part of being a market leading bank in 2018 and beyond.

Part of this increased social responsibility is ensuring that parents and hard-working families know their employer has taken, and will continue to take, positive action to provide the right working environment to allow its women employees to reach their full potential in both their work and personal lives.


Attracting you

We are pro-actively targeting a gender diverse audience on behalf of our client through the marketing channels we are using and the detailed information we are able to provide on our client’s commitment to increasing gender diversity to date, as well as what they have planned for the next phase of their firm-wide commitment to this long term cultural adjustment.

Further, we are targeting capable senior business women from a wide section of the banking industry beyond only Treasury, and also from outside the Banking industry altogether.  In this way we can avoid simply moving the gender imbalance of the wider Treasury professional candidate pool in Banking from the competition and into our client.  As a further benefit the pool of talent we are accessing is exponentially larger which ensures the high quality of the long term thought-leadership of Treasury as well as the wider bank.

Assessing you

A recent famous Yale University study performed a simple experiment. They sent near-identical resumes to a large dataset of employers, with one key difference: on half of the resumes the first name was feminine, on the remainder it was masculine. The unconscious bias of the parties reviewing the CVs led the masculine CV to be called for interview more often, and at a higher salary range. This result would be unacceptable for our client: it fails the agreed requirement to show good business sense and a strong sense of social responsibility. With this campaign our client is not only determined to continue to avoid that kind of unwarranted discrimination, they want to take positive action to increase the gender diversity of their workforce.

We and our client will give you the required information to assess the immediate opportunities and future career potential of working in our client on a number of criteria.

We and our client commit to assess your suitability for the firm and opportunities based solely on your competencies from a technical and leadership point of view.

Retaining you

Our client has the right culture, the right processes and a clear commitment to allow a gender diverse workforce to flourish and excel. You will see this at every stage of any interview process you chose to engage in, part of which will include meeting at least one person who is directly affected by this culture, these processes and this commitment, in order that you can hear more about it first-hand and in detail.

Amongst other things, you will see the following:

A top-down commitment to increasing gender diversity, sponsored directly through words and actions from the Chief Executive down, with success in this area being a key performance measurement for all staff in leadership positions.

A firm that has recently rolled out brand new codified flexible working patterns available as well as individually negotiated flexible working patterns based on your ever-changing personal and work situation.

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